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The Home Being Method

Home Being offers a new approach to design—from the inside out, with you at its core. The method is based on 12 Design Personalities, each expressed differently through space, style, material and color. Using a simple visual test, we discover your three dominant design personalities, which we call your Design DNA.

Take the test, discover your Design Personalities, and get insights into the architecture, design, and styling principles that best express you.

What is your Design DNA?

Take our fun, free test and discover the three leading Design Personalities that comprise your Design DNA. Get pointers and tips to help you create a living space in your own image.

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12 Design Personalities

The Home Being method is based on 12 Design Personalities, which stem from a person’s feeling of home. Each of these personalities is expressed differently through space, style, material and color, and each delivers a different sense of home. Your three dominant Design Personalities comprise your personal Design DNA.

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Home Being was my lifesaver going through the process of designing our home. There were so many decisions to make, and endless options to choose from, that I was left confused. After taking the test, I was able to narrow things down, focus and sort between elements that looked good to those that also made me feel good, and that made the difference.”

- Oliver

My husband and I have very different tastes, and we find it hard to agree when it comes to the design of our home. Before we learned about Home Being, one of us always had to compromise. Now, with our individual Design DNA profiles, we are able to find common grounds and combine our tastes. The result is absolutely amazing and feels right for both of us, which also does wonders to our relationship.”

- Jane

As someone with a passion for design and styling, I enjoy refreshing the design of my home quite often. I relay on my instincts and good taste, and feel I do a pretty good job. In discovering the Home Being method, I was finally able to understand what stood behind my good choices, and why my home reflects who I am. My Design Personalities are now my source of inspiration, and they allow me to be more adventurous than before and explore design ideas I never considered before. ”

- Amelia