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As children, we discover the world through touch, and for some lucky people, that childlike fascination with how things feel never fades away. They seek out the sensation of being enveloped by water, warm sun rays on bare skin, or walking barefoot on clean sand, a soft bed of grass, or a cool stone surface. If the touch of wood, fabric, clay, or stone excites you, emphasizing the presence and quality of earthy materials in your home will create an atmosphere you desire.

The Design Personality of Touch is based on evaluating the texture and feel of every object in a space. Earthy materials with strong presence that is perceived through touch, or even visually, are all suitable for this style.

A barefoot boy with his hands in wet soil by the sea.


Touch is all about materials whose presence evokes sensation and emotion. Wood, stone, mud, burnt blocks, iron, and mineral plaster are suitable materials for constructing a Touch-inspired home, while ceramics, glass, paper, and shell can be used for dressing and accessorizing.

Close-up of an artistic white bowl made of rounded pieces of paper mache


The first thing to consider when thinking about space is how we incorporate nature and the materials and motifs that come from it. A large window, which brings the outdoors in, or even a small one from which you can see a piece of the sky and its changing colors, is enough to lift the spirit and evoke emotion.

A white ceramic water jug rests on a window sill made of iron and surrounded by a stone frame

When we consider space in the context of Touch, we must emphasize the importance of flooring materials, as our feet will be the focal point of Touch for most rooms. To select the most suitable floor material, we must first ask ourselves: Do we feel joy when walking barefoot on a cold marble or stone floor, or do we prefer warmer materials such as wood or carpeting? The choice is an individual one, but in general, natural materials are better than artificial ones.

Lighting is also of the utmost importance, as it has the power to enhance or even transform the look of things. It is therefore important to carefully examine how natural or artificial lighting interacts with the materials in your space.

A pair of bare feet on a floor made of white river stones embedded in concrete.


Accessories are a great addition, and again, natural materials are preferable to plastic and other synthetics. Velvet, cotton, or wool can be used for decorative pillows according to your preference of texture.

Styling is also enhanced in the touch Design Personality through the choice of handles and knobs, a decor element with which we come into close and frequent contact. Polished metal is frequently used in handles and knobs because it is easy to clean, but material such as iron, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, or leather are also options (although they are harder to find). 

Clay, wood, stone, shell, metal, or even paper are materials that tend to evoke positive emotions.

Decorative items: a stone wall, a ceramic lamp, iron figurines, and wood framed mirror.

Let nature into your space through art with paintings made by strong brush strokes, watercolors, or photography of flora or fauna.  

In our bath and bedroom areas, Touch is especially important because we spend most of our time there barefoot and less covered. Textiles for the bedroom should be carefully selected according to your personal preference: is it the natural touch of linen fabric, the caressing touch of silk, the softness of a down comforter, or the coolness of crisp cotton? Bathroom materials are equally important, as most of our contact with them is in the nude. Flooring, bath, and sink surfaces are crucial, and don’t dismiss the power of a comfortable toilet seat.

A stone bathtub set on pebbles in an open-air terrace with walls made of plaster and stone tiles.
Photo by Jared Rice
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