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The Design Personality of Joy is suitable for those who see the glass as half-full and seek a happy surrounding to bring delight into their daily lives.

Those who revel in Joy need plenty of light around them, and they may feel distressed in places that lack sufficient color. A mix of bright colors, styles, and a certain level of casual disorder are perfect ways to bring cheer into a home.

Happy girl in a room of stained glass reflecting the sun
Photo by Jeremy Bishop


A room filled with sunlight is the easiest way to create a space of blissful happiness. Opt for large openings that allow rays of sun to enter,  filling a room with light for as many hours of the day as possible. If natural daylight is not possible in your space, the same effect can be achieved using light fixtures with warm hues and incorporating whites and yellows in your design.

Sofas and chairs in various styles, with smooth, striped and floral upholstery, in a house with a sunlit wooden floor.
Architect Beto Figueiredo Hedgehog  Photographer Denilson Machado

It is also important to remain within human scale, avoiding the exaggeration and disproportion that characterizes personalities like Growth, Elegance, and Power.


The Design Personality of Joy is best expressed through furniture and accessories. Combining styles, shapes, and colors in a pleasant and tasteful disarray will give your home that light, free, and “lived-in” dimension. Rather than matching sets, fill your room with individual pieces that nevertheless work well together. You can create your personal style through mixing prints, shapes, and colors in wallpaper, upholstery, cushions, and curtains, and even through mixing furniture styles.

Dining area with a round brown table surrounded by upholstered turquoise chairs. On the wall are pictures of different heights in yellow, white, and azure.

Another nice way to bring delight into your space is by incorporating playful elements in your design. This can be achieved with references to children's books, movies, cartoon characters, or anything that adds humor—all are ways to bring Joy into your home and your life.

A smiling Cinderella figurine with a yellow dress and a red ribbon perched on a softly-lit wooden surface
Photographer Shay Adam


Bold, lively, and intense colors best serve of the Design Personality of Joy. Good examples can be found in African, Mexican, and Uzbek cultures, where an abundance of colorful patterns create warm and cozy sensations of happiness. Strong colors such as fuchsia, orange, yellow, green, blue, and red are excellent for achieving this effect. Other colors can be incorporated as well if they are appropriately mixed with this palette.

Glass bottles in shades of blue and red on a windowsill next to a red geranium flower pot
Photographer Shay Adam

Joy can also be achieved through the use of softer colors and pastel shades. Combining yellow and white is a wonderful way to bring tranquil happiness into a room. Black should generally be avoided, but it’s fine to use dark lines as an emphasis, in the legs of an armchair or as a picture frame, for example.


Fabric is a wonderful and inexpensive way to create joy and will add a celebration of shape, texture, and color into a room. Try using printed upholstery materials that don’t necessarily match, but do work together well, such as stripes, dots, and floral fabrics in a bold mix of textures and colors. Playful mismatch can still achieve harmony, and is sure to bring happiness to anyone entering the room.

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