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Having the Design Personality of Space means that the sensation of boundless freedom is as essential as the air you breathe. You might find yourself yearning to glide on wide horizons and rolling plains, and by imbuing your design with these feelings, you can create your sense of Home Being.

To achieve Space, allow air to flow freely within your living area. Implement clean design, light colors, and choose furniture which seems as though it might be floating rather than pieces that sit heavily on the surface. Hanging elements, glass, and thin horizontal lines are also used to give an airy-light feeling to design.

Bird flying in open sky
Photo by Matt Hardy


To achieve the Space Design Personality, we try to maximize the two most significant horizontal surfaces of a home: the floor and ceiling. With continuity from the inside out, we create the illusion of space: floor boards that carry on to an outside deck, or a ceiling with embedded light fixtures, so there is no interruption in their flow will create the illusion of a place more spacious than its actual size.

Open space in a house with a smooth concrete floor. Furniture in white and light gray

Another way to make a space seem roomier is to invite natural light inside by removing walls or replacing them with glass, especially in an open floor plan or loft. Enable air to flow freely within a space by keeping everything on the same level with no divisions with a single, continuous floor and ceiling.

A floating roof structure supported by a metal pillar and wall. Through the large opening in the wall, you can see the landscape of vegetation
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

When walls are needed, in a bedroom, for example, it is recommended that they be thin or even replaced with light screens made of tin, wood, or rice paper. Glass is also an excellent way to create definition without losing the sense of spaciousness.


A good way to create Space using interior design and styling is by incorporating the horizontal rectangle shape in different ways: wide bookcases with long shelves, pictures, mirrors, and more.

To enhance the light and airy feeling with furniture, try to create a floating effect with some of your pieces.

A narrow, rectangular white sink on a floating oak shel
Architect Yamamoto

Sofas, armchairs, and wardrobes with thin legs; tables and shelves that seem almost detached from the floor allow air to move and enter every corner. To create Space, think about every accessory you add, and make sure to keep a clean look by adding one beautiful piece on your coffee table—a flat plate or square-shaped vase with evenly cut flowers are two great options.

Reclining sofa of light gray cloth with a clear horizontal line and thin legs


A grayish-white palette is the best way to express Space, as it gives a sense of continuity and helps create the illusion of infinity. Solid colors, smooth finishes, a shiny spark, and see-through materials allow light to enter through every element.


Solid, smooth, and shiny floor materials like marble or concrete will create the impression of large surfaces that give a sense of Space. Large tiles placed very close to each other achieve a similar effect, as do glass, aluminium-based materials, or anything with a shine or reflection. These materials can be used in the foundations of your home, as well as in the accessories you choose to decorate it.

Fabrics should be light, in one solid color, and without any print or texture, with the exception of horizontal lines that can be used in upholstery, cushions, and more.

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