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Many people describe home as the feeling of being protected and safe. That could mean feeling stable, being able to lean on something, or maybe finding a safe haven that shields us from the outside world. If your design personality is Security, you either seek that sense of assurance in your own life, or to provide that feeling to others.

Designing according to the Security personality is done using schemes and furniture that are stable and have a strong presence. Try incorporating earth tone flooring and thick walls in your design. Choose seating that is closer to the floor, like a sturdy, wide-based sofa with big cushions to feel grounded in a strong foundation.

A boy peeks out from his hiding place made of cushions


The square shape is considered one of the fundamentals of the security architecture and design because it is well-balanced and creates a strong sense of stability. Having a well-defined room, preferably square-shaped, where every function is clearly bound within a specific area, will immediately put things in order. This doesn’t mean you need rooms with four walls. A perimeter can also be defined using half-walls, a rug, tiles, or furniture. A nice way to create optical divisions is by framing floor or ceiling areas with panels and molding. 

A square bathroom with cornice, a rug, a sofa, pictures, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and an antique tub standing on legs
Photo by Luis Enrique Carvajal

It is worth expanding a bit more on the most important base in a home—the floor. The best way to achieve the Design Personality of Security is by using square floor tiles. In selecting tile size, it is important to be aware of room proportions: smaller tiles for smaller rooms, big square tiles for larger spaces.

Floor made of light stone with square tiles in various sizes.
Stone floor

Walls are also important in creating a sense of security. Once used to protect homes from unwanted invaders, thick walls with average size openings have been adopted by modern design to create a sense of reassurance. Optical illusions can be used to enhance the effect, for example by thickening parts at the bottom of a window to create a thick ledge, or creating decorative niches in inner walls.

Books in a square niche built into a wall with a wooden shelf base
Design Rachel Sela Photography Shay Adam


The rectangle also plays a significant role in Security styling. While the square is best for horizontal elements like flooring and tables, vertical elements such as chairs, book cases, pictures, and wall openings are best when styled in rectangular form with a wide base. Adding seating in niches and nooks is a great way to add foundation to a room.

A brick wall in a living room furnished with white wood and a padded bench

When it comes to accessories, square-shaped or square-based vases, lamp-shades, cushions, and ottomans will achieve the right look and feel. Use accessories made of stone, clay, and hand-made ceramics, and try incorporating linen and cotton fabrics or unprocessed wood in furniture and decor to create a sense of stability and earthiness.


Security is about feeling grounded, and the best color palette to achieve this is earthy tones: shades of brown, yellow, orange, and even dark grey with a brown undertone. Warm colors are recommended; try avoiding pure white and choose creamy off-white tones instead.


Earthy materials are the best flooring choices for a home inspired by the Security Design Personality. Stone or terra-cotta tiles that emulate nature are considered the most suitable, followed by wood, preferably dark and wide-paneled. You’ll probably want to avoid installing a floor that has no tile division, such as polished marble, smooth concrete, or any other material which creates one large continuous plane with no definition.

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