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Guide text
An empty and inviting armchair in neutral color with a book resting on it
Wide open sea until the horizon connects to the sky, all in bright blue
Tunnel with water and light at the end
A man sits on a couch indoors with lots of potted plants, pictures, and warm colors.
Montserrat Monastery - a very tall house, behind which are large, high rocks.
A wooden path meanders through the woods
A path between tall trees with a sunbeam casting a spotlight
A field of tulips in the sun
An adult lion with a gentle gaze and light on his face
A palace with a central staircase leading to an opening in an impressive wall with pillars
A man leans against a balcony railing, looking out at the view below
Tall poplar tree, photographed from the bottom up
A giant polar bear gently licks his cub
An outdoor seating area built in a stone niche with a arched ceiling
A colorful street walkway between tall street houses with bright colors
A clear wave approaches a sandy beach with white foam at their meeting point
Closeup of hands working with clay and water to form a vase
Three smooth stones stacked to form a small tower overlooking the sea
A green open field below a blue sky with soft clouds
A wooden bridge hanging from metal cables curves to the right
A large rock reflected in the clear sea water with soft white clouds behind it
Small waterfalls spill over rocks in a natural landscape
A fireplace decorated with cornice in a classical home with a Victorian sofa and a floral curtain behind it
A girl jumps from rock to rock in the sea with a background of short green trees

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The Design Personality we call Action suits those who are excited by change and motion and are repelled by mundane routine. The degree of Action is individual...


Many people describe home as the feeling of being protected and safe. That could mean feeling stable, being able to lean on something, or maybe finding a safe...


The Design Personality of Elegance suits those whose style takes inspiration from traditional European design, which can be characterized as classical and timeless. It is dignified...


The Design Personality of Joy is suitable for those who see the glass as half-full and seek a happy surrounding to bring delight into their daily lives. Those who revel in...


Having the Design Personality of Space means that the sensation of boundless freedom is as essential as the air you breathe. You might find yourself yearning to...


The Softness Design Personality appeals to warm, empathetic people who enjoy accommodating others. It also suits those who are drawn to such characteristics in...


The Design Personality of Control is right for those who want to feel like they are in command of their space. Control manifests in the ability to preside over one’s surroundings...


Growth is the Design Personality suited for people who revere change, development, and evolution. Such individuals often place a strong emphasis on continually...


The Design Personality of Spirituality usually attracts those who possess a strong intuition and act according to their gut feelings. It is a design that is clean and minimalist...


As children, we discover the world through touch, and for some lucky people, that childlike fascination with how things feel never fades away. They seek out the sensation of...


The Design Personality of Flow appreciates being spontaneous and adaptable to new situations. You are probably open to opinions, ideas, and cultures that are different to...


Power is a personality defined by a strong sense of self and a definitive core. Power appeals to those who have a deep sense of what suits them, and who may often...