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Growth is the Design Personality suited for people who revere change, development, and evolution.  Such individuals often place a strong emphasis on continually advancing their personal or professional lives, and they excel in what they do. They may even be willing to compromise some measure of security to pursue experiences that promise the chance for growth and progress. Whether the elements of change are subtle or bold, movement is always in the same direction—upward.

As you may have already guessed, the Design Personality of Growth is about height and vertical forms. People who seek growth tend to feel confined in a room with low, or even standard ceilings. High ceilings, tall doors and windows, the presence of wood, plants, and the color green, are all excellent ways to cultivate an atmosphere of progress and potential.

Girl looking up at elongated windows


One of the best ways to achieve Growth in your living space is by using the vertical line. High ceilings and a variety of vertical elements are a great way to start, but it is important to preserve pleasant proportions and avoid exaggeration. Height is determined in relation to floor area: the larger the room, the taller its ceilings can be. Vertical elements can be emphasized, for example by incorporating tall, narrow doors, windows, staircases, or any fixture that starts on the first floor of the home and continues to the second. If your ceilings are on the lower side, decor and styling can be used to create the illusion of height.

Doubled space in a house facing the forest. Wooden floor-to-ceiling columns span the height of the space.
Arcitects - casa design studio

Natural light that pours in through elongated windows or a skylight in the ceiling help create the Design Personality of Growth. When it comes to artificial lighting, a room can be illuminated from the ceiling or from the floor–both will achieve the right effect. Choose light fixtures that create a narrow, focused, and clearly defined beam; spotlights placed in the ceiling close to the wall are an easy way to accomplish this result. 


Verticality also characterizes home styling and the choice of furniture and accessories. Here, too, we focus on elongated vertical elements to create a sense of Growth: niches and long narrow columns, tall bookcases and closets, the backboard of a bed or the back of an armchair–all are good examples of ways to create a room suited for those who seek an atmosphere of Growth.

Example of smoked glass with transparent shapes of tall leaves

Botanical motifs are also recommended to create a Growth Design Personality;

On a dark green wall on behind the backboard of a bed are two pictures showing large, green leaves on a white background
Photo by julie aagaard

Those who seek Growth in the sense of knowledge will often find comfort surrounded by books, which are best placed in tall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.


When it comes to color, green is naturally the best way to express Growth. A combination of apple green and white creates a fresh, crisp look, while deep green combined with black or white will create drama. Calming pastel greens are suitable for children, and khakis and gray-greens are usually preferred by those who seek a sense of stability or elegance.

Green can also be incorporated in decorative items such as cushions and art, and, of course, in its most natural expression—plant life.


One of the best materials to express Growth is wood. Wood can be present in flooring, furniture, accessories such as picture frames and ornaments, and by incorporating trees and plants in your design. If you are lucky, trees may be visible through your windows, but incorporating tall potted plants inside and outside your space is also an option.

Looking through a room with a wooden floor and canopy and a yellow glass wall out onto a green garden illuminated by sunlight
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